This was not an easy week. My vacation will start on Monday – I am looking forward for it. But balancing work, club’s tasks and private life has been a challenge. Fact that I got my new windsurfing board did not help matters at all. Still learning as I go to find the right balance.

The good news is that everyone else is rather on vacation already or is as busy preparing for it, so that there were not much tasks to be done in the club. So it helped a lot to keep things somewhat in the balance. But I had to find some hours during week to learn about web pages, SEO and some other features. I think this is part which I will enjoy the most – constantly learning something new. I have never had need to make own web pages, so improving club’s website is a fun and very motivating task. Actually I now fully support president’s change on 1st July – summer is quieter period for ”soft landing”. There are many ways to spend vacation, so why not learning new things as a club’s president and finetuning website.

Plans for the future

In July there are no planned club’s activities, so everyone can enjoy their vacation and time with family, friends and beloved hobbies. Thus we have already planned main themes for the rest of the year. At the end of the August there is planned by us, Stamina, 14 people rowing in church’s boat (kirkkovene). Lions Club is also planning some joint surrounding cleaning activities, such as plogging. For those who feel very active and want to do more, WWF is providing opportunity to join different activities.
If interested in joining Stamina activities, feel free to drop an email to – it does not cost anything. All you need to do is to participate.

My vacation – will spend it on the board

As for vacation itself – I will need to find some time to keep working on our Stamina website and handbook. Having so wonderful weather, perfectly warm water, decent 4-6m/s winds and new windsurfing board will make it harder to find time to be next to computer. So I hope there will be some rainy days when I can focus on club’s tasks as well. Otherwise, for next two weeks my main plan is to spend as much time on the water as one can.

One way to spend vacation

Enjoy your vacation!


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