Lions Club’s year 2021/2022 has just started on July 1st – first week is behind. And with that a new project – President’s blog. For one year as a president of Lions Club Stamina (Stamina) I will be publishing a weekly blog on our club’s web page. It shall talk about our plans, events, activities, what is working and what could work better, and also what it means to be a president of Lions Club (LC).

This is going to be my first blog ever, so bear with me. Your comments, suggestions and feedback if very welcome.

I have been with Stamina since it was formed few years ago. A group of likeminded people who love active lifestyle and sports joined to form a Stamina club. We joined to do good (volunteer job, charity and help people to move) also to others while doing sports. Now when I have been appointed as a president for next 12 months. I feel huge responsibility in front of my club members and to community to do my best. I am extremely glad that I took over from our previous president Jukka who has done fantastic job. The only way with out club is to move forward and to keep expanding and growing.

Planning ahead

After first week in my new role I have finally managed to make list of plans and my priorities for upcoming year. I think having a good plan and optimistic vision is a key. Stamina is young and small club, but out dreams and hearts are big. The main vision for this year is to finally set up Stamina day which I envision we would held in summer 2022 in capital city area. A day filled with activities, sports and fun for young and old. A day where everyone can see for himself the joy of active lifestyle. Where likeminded active people meet. Where information on different active lifestyle topics are shared. A day where being active together is all that matters. As something what our club has never done before I feel we will need all energy and enthusiasm to make it happen. And a support from people.

Then there is another important event taking place this year – the 5th run ”Nenä kohta Tohloppia”. As part of ”Nenä päivä” charity event in November, Stamina club is participating by organizing 24hours 200km long run from Narinkkatori in Helsinki to Tohloppi in Tampere. Last year Stamina raised 2 724EUR. We hope to double the amount this year.

I also have to make sure that none of already well established activities are forgotten. As I love sports many more smaller, ad-hoc activities will be organized during the year. Right now I am working to finalize LC Stamina handbook for this year where calendar of all planned events and activities are listed. It shall be published on our website soon. I think the whole idea of creating club’s handbook is a great one. So thanks goes to Sanna Mustonen who brought this up during out president’s training.

In parallel to implementing handbook and starting this blog, one of main activities for this hot summer will be revamp our website. It was created and started by Jukka and he did great job to start it. In spring we agreed on mood board for our club, so my job is now to bring our website to meet our joint vision on what LC Stamina: active, colorful and joyful club.

My personal goal is set

I know that there is very much for me to learn, there is a lot of new and unknown, and there is very much to do. But I am being surrounded by like minded people, my mentors and having support also from LC area team. As my personal goal – if I will be able to make my fellow club members proud of being in our club, support more people and put in more service hours, raise more money than last year and establish Stamina day: I will have succeeded as a president. Will it be easy? I do not think. But it is doable and I am determined to do my best. The first week is behind and I am optimistic about the upcoming year.

With hot summer regards from Saimaa lake,
Kristine Savolainen


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